A conceptual rebrand for high street supermarket, Iceland, with a campaign focused on climate change. Food waste is the singular most effective thing a person can take action on to reduce their impact on the planet, and frozen food is the solution. The campaign aims to reframe the way people view frozen food, and in doing this, the rebrand hopes to reach an extended target audience to include students and more affluent shoppers, as it previously had struggled to do.
This is a Shillington student project.
A third of all food ends up in landfill. 
As an individual, the biggest thing we can do to help save the planet is cut down on our food waste. Frozen food is a solution to this problem as it extends the shelf life of food, meaning less goes to waste. Additionally, frozen food require less frequent transportation than fresh food since it can be stored for longer,  reducing the carbon footprint associated with food distribution. 
Everyone wants to help to reduce climate change, and by providing such an attainable solution, it makes people feel like they could make a difference.